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Because IFS members are scattered throughout the globe, several regional groups have been formed to further enhance connectivity, communication and exchange.

UN group New York 

IFS is one of less than 200 NGO´s to hold general consultative status with the United Nations ECOSOC. This group is working to make best use of this possibility in UN New York. 

UN group Geneva

UN group Geneva is based in Europe and aiming IFS to be as active in Geneva as in New York.

Defending the rights of NGO´s 

Authoritarian and populistic forces are growing stronger in many parts of the world. One thing they have in common is to obstruct the work of NGO´s dealing with human rights.  

This working group are advocating against this and tries to support NGO´s, e g in Hungary, that are working for human rights, inclusion and social justice.  

Communication group

This work group is mainly focusing at improving IFS internal and external communication. 

By-laws group 

This group are revising the IFS by-laws and will present a suggestion to the members at the General Meeting 2020. 

Group for financial sustainability and growth in IFS

IFS is in one way a big organisation with around 11 000 local associated member organisations but the office is small and relying on membership fees. In order to get a more financially stable organisation this group is trying to find ways to secure the financial sustainability and growth for the organisation. 

2021 IFS conference

The Australian federation LCSA (Local Community Services Association) is hosting the biannual global IFS conference in September 2021. The working group for this welcomes contributions from all members.

IFS!-Ifs Fostering Social justice

This working group is developing a large scale project, “Cooperation project, North-South Euromed”, in order to strengthen IFS work and cooperation in Europe and North Africa.

For more information, please read bylaws.