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What we do

  • We facilitate networking, to encourage the exchange of innovative ideas and best practices, and to influence social policies on global levels.
  • We promote the communication of best practices and idea-sharing among member organizations through social media, newsletters, a dynamic website and online forums.
  • We organize international conferences with partners and member organizations every two years. These meetings provide opportunities for members to share best practices and learn about other cultures.
  • We organize training and exchange opportunities that encourage networking opportunities.
  • We promote youth exchanges, common transnational and international projects to bring young people together from different cultures.
  • We represent members’ interests and concerns through the Federation’s official consultative status within international policy development bodies such as the United Nations system and the Council of Europe.
  • We are a strong international voice for democracy and social justice.

These activities facilitate the advancement and preservation of the ideals of the Settlement House Movement throughout the world, ensuring a more vibrant and equal place for us all.


We strive to build an inclusive global community by empowering, inspiring and connecting people who are working locally for social justice.


Inclusion, Democracy and Social Justice.

Strategy 2019-2021

Key priorities

1.     Strengthen the role of IFS as a strong international voice for democracy and social justice

  • Present statements and conduct work shops in UN and in the EU parliament. This work should be coordinated by a work groups.
  • Yearly auditing of the work of our member organisations by commitments and reports.


2.     Increase IFS´value to its members

  • Promote common transnational projects.
  • Create a strategy document for International Youth projects.
  • Promote sharing of best practice.
  • Promoting an international researchers´network.
  • Create an IFS Education and training package.


3.     Create a dynamic international communications network

  • Coordinating and promote a wide range of transnational theme groups such as “Human rights”, “Societal and Social enterprises”, “Youth work” etc,  led by board members.


4.    Strengthen member recruitment

  • Encourage our members to create new regional hubs like IFS South Europe, IFS North America, IFS Middle America, IFS Mediterranian etc
  • Actively work to get new members by inviting Settlements and Settlement-like organisations to international meetings, conferences and projects.


5.     Improve connection tools

  • Vitalize the website.
  • Send out news letters to members on a regular basis.
  • Find a contact person to the website in every member country.
  • Improve our use of social media.
  • Create a list of all members and associated members with short descriptions and contact info at our website.


6.     Improve administration and coordination of the IFS office

  • Find funding for IFS coordination
  • Develop efficient and consistent structure for IFS administration.

Regional Groups

IFS are promoting regional sections of the organisation, such as IFS Europe, IFS North America, IFS Nordic and so on. The idea of this is to add value to the membership by creating regional networks. Hopefully we will get more of these in the near future. 

IFS Europe




IFS Americas



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