Uniting for Change: Weaving a Global Tapestry of Empowerment with the IFS

Dec 22, 2023 | News

Imagine a world where every community, big or small, is empowered and thriving. This is not just a vision; it is a reality that we strive to create every day at the International Federation of Settlements and Neighborhood Centers (IFS). Today, I want to take you on a journey to the heart of our global movement, where opportunities for learning, growth, and significant change are not just ideas, but daily experiences.

As a member of the IFS, you would have the opportunity to participate in webinars, collaborate through international networks, attend global meetings for in-depth learning, and engage in community work at all levels. To me, these are not just benefits; they are tools for building a more just and inclusive world, in addition to practical benefits such as attending international conferences.

Imagine a colorful fabric with various threads representing professionals and volunteers around the world. This fabric is our international network, a vibrant community where each member plays an important role.

Now imagine yourself as part of this fabric. As part of this international movement, you are not just part of something bigger; you become a crucial voice in the global conversation. You do not work only locally; you have a global impact.

As an IFS member, you can influence the work of the UN Council, both in New York and Geneva. There, our members stand, not as individuals, but as representatives of collective power. They present their work, views, defend their causes – all echoing the strength of our network and showing the power of our collective action. This is not just about being heard; it is about making a tangible impact.

IFS membership opens a door to the world. It provides a platform where your work and voice can shape global policies, where you can support and receive support in your work that crosses borders.

I hope we all seize this opportunity and expand our ability to impact the international field. This is part of the power of the international network. It is a journey I hope we embark on together.”

“As an IFS member, we play an important role in improving the world with what we have. My role in IFS communications allows me to contribute through my communication skills, the power of my written words, and my presence in every task I undertake. Similarly, each of you, with your unique abilities and actions, makes a significant contribution to our common mission.

Think about this: Your small action from your corner of the world could be an innovative solution for a community in America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, or Africa. What you consider a small project could bring hope and change across continents. This connection is the beauty of our international network. It turns local actions into global solutions, making every effort, no matter how small, valuable.

Remember, your contributions, ideas, and projects are not just local endeavors; they are an essential part of the global fabric of change.

Together, we are not just part of an international movement; we are the movement. Each of us, in our unique way, contributes to international work that is broad, impactful, and essential.

Let’s continue sharing, growing, and investing. Let’s keep improving the world with what we have and turn our shared dreams into a loud reality.

►►Junias Kanyinda, IFS Communication Officer.