The IFS Network’s support and aid to Ukraine

19 / 05 / 2022 | News


Since the start of the war in Ukraine, the IFS members have been gathering weekly to find different ways to support the people of Ukraine. 

  • The Neighbourhood Houses Victoria in Australia has donated 5000 USD to support summer camps in Ukraine.
  • The IFS Office and the project IFS Fostering Social Justice in Europe have organised meetings and conversations around the subject. 
  • Since March 2022, the IFS members in Sweden have arranged international virtual meetings every Friday where representatives from the National Youth Association in Ukraine give updates on the situation on the ground and talk about the kind of support needed. Three of the needs presented help with counselling, creating an international English-speaking group, and summer camps for children and youngsters. As a response, some of the IFS member organisations offered nearly 30 counsellors to help from across the globe. 
  • A group of students from GCNCA in Cleveland, Ohio, are ready to create language groups for Ukrainians. 
  • The IFS member organisation Wiener Hilfswerk Nachbarschaftszentren in Austria did not hesitate to load a van full of food donations, hygiene products, sleeping bags, bedding and much more donated to the IFS member organisation in Hungary for the refugees. 

Are you interested in joining the Friday meetings at 9.00-10.00 am (CET)? Send an email to to get a link. You could also join the “Implications of the war in Ukraine: democratic crossroads in Eastern Europe” webinar on June 9th. Read more about the webinar here.