Reflecting on the Social Justice Conference in Strasbourg

Dec 22, 2023 | News

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Last month, IFS Fostering Social Justice Program hosted a conference marking the culmination of the three-year “Fostering Social Justice” project, backed by Erasmus Plus. This final conference, involving 12 partners from 11 EU countries, centered on non-formal adult education through a social justice lens.

Key highlights included:

  • The unveiling of activities and results from the “IFS Fostering Social Justice Project.
  • The revealing of the Project White Paper and policy recommendations.
  • The launch of EFS – The Euromed Federation of Socio-cultural and Neighbourhood Centers, a significant step forward in fostering community engagement and support.

The conference featured an impressive lineup of speakers such as Ms. Tarja Halonen, former President of Finland; Nasima Razmyar, Member of the Finnish Parliament; and Pentti Lemmetyinen, President of IFS. They were joined by Tarik Touahria, President of FCSF, Aleksandra Kozyra from EAEA, Audrey Mace-Rousseau, Eramus+ Agency, and many other distinguished European representatives.

This event wasn’t just a gathering but a vibrant platform where participants shared insights from the various study visits organized across Europe during the project. These exchanges have been instrumental in shaping policies and practices for addressing social justice, local democracy, and migrant integration challenges.

The momentum continued as IFS representatives presented the White Paper to the European Parliament on December 1st. This document, a key outcome of the collaborative effort, underscores the commitment of IFS and its European partners to support neighborhood centers and individuals in their quest for social justice. Nearly 100 persons online and on-site participated in the conference.

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