Meet Our Esteemed Speakers: Nasima Razmyar

Nov 14, 2023 | News

Nasima Razmyar: Member of the Finnish Parliament and the Vice-Chairman of the Social Democratic Party.

We are excited to welcome Nasima Razmyar, a dynamic member of the Finnish Parliament and the Vice-Chairman of the Social Democratic Party, to our esteemed panel of speakers.

Nasima’s career is a tapestry of service and advocacy, woven through her roles, including her time as a board member of the Finnish Federation of Settlement Houses and her impactful work with Viittakivi Ltd.’s reception centers. As the former chairperson of Kalliola Youth Association, now Loisto Setlementti, Nasima has been at the heart of youth empowerment and social change.

In her own words, Nasima emphasizes the pivotal role of NGOs in Finland, recognizing their integral part in bolstering civil society and democracy since the nation’s independence. She stands for the values that are at the core of the IFS — social justice and support for local actors — values that resonate with her on a personal level and underscore her commitment to global imperatives.

Razmyar has made significant contributions to the field of education. Serving as a Member of Parliament, she has championed various educational matters to improve the quality and accessibility of education for all. Razmyar has been a vocal advocate for increasing funding for schools, enhancing the curriculum, and promoting innovative teaching methods. She has also been instrumental in addressing issues related to educational equity and diversity, working to ensure that every child has equal opportunities to succeed in their educational journey. Her work in the realm of educational matters demonstrates her unwavering dedication to fostering a brighter future for the next generation.

Join us in listening to a leader whose dedication to civil organizations and the principle of social justice is not just professional but a personal crusade for a better world.