EFS & EU MEPs Unite for Social Justice in Brussels

Feb 13, 2024 | News

Wrapping Up IFS Fostering Social Justice 2021-2024 Program: Advancing Social Justice through Education and Cooperation

IFS Fostering Social Justice is a strategic European program run by the IFS network in 2021-2024 to enhance cooperation between IFS members around innovative practices in adult non-formal education, and to influence international institutions on active citizenship, migrant integration, and social inclusion.

We’re Right Here! Presentations at EU in Brussels

In a gathering at the heart of European decision-making, a delegation from the Euromed Federation of Socio-cultural and Neighbourhood Centers (EFS) joined forces with the Vice-President of the European Parliament, Marc Angel, to host the final event of the project IFS Fostering Social Justice (IFSJ) on January 23, 2024. The event, marked by the theme “We’re Right Here”, showcased a strong commitment towards advancing social justice across the continent.

The EFS delegation, led by EFS Vice President Staffan Lindqvist, IFS President Pentti Lemmetyinen, IFSJ Coordinator Sophie Michelena , and Secretary Annamaria Georgies, presented a compelling showcase of policy recommendations(White Paper) aimed at supporting the sustainability of Neighbourhood Centres and amplifying their impact on social justice. The highlight of the event was the premiere of the “We’re Right Here” campaign video, which captured the essence of EFS’s mission and its plea for enhanced support from EU policymakers.

Held in the newly inaugurated MEP Salon, equipped with state-of-the-art audio-visual technology and complemented by a lovely catering, the event provided a perfect backdrop for meaningful dialogue. The presence of five Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) underscored the significance of the occasion, as they engaged deeply with the presented ideas and expressed their support for the EFS network’s objectives.

Another highlight was the support from Tarja Halonen, former President of Finland, and IFS ambassador. Her impactful message, shared in an interview before the event, marked a key moment in EFS’s mission for social justice.