Big Sister Project | Finland 2023

30 / 11 / 2023

Big Siblings | Support to young adults and children

The city of Tampere in Finland played host to an enlightening IFS Fostering Social Justice study visit, organized by three Settlement houses. Centered around social inclusion, active citizenship, and migrant integration, the visit spotlighted unique initiatives like the Big Sister Project.

Initiated by Ahjola Settlement in 1998 as part of its gender-sensitive youth work, this program pairs children and young adults with adult volunteers who offer companionship and support. Volunteers, aged 18 and above, commit to being a nurturing and positive presence for at least a year.

The Big Sister Project focuses on personal development, emotional management, and fostering a sense of belonging and being heard for the younger participants. For volunteers, it’s an opportunity for experiential learning and feeling a part of something meaningful.

Read the full tool and methods below. Please find below the Study visit video the Greetings & testimony video from the host HERE