Active citizenship

Each of the official partners involved in the project has a long-lasting experience in non-formal adult education and has identified lifelong learning opportunities in active citizenship, migrant’s integration, and social inclusion.

Active Citizenship includes various forms of good practises proposed by partners in the project who focus on empowering and supporting the actions of the citizens. Their main objectives are:

  • Training local actors to reinforce knowledge and skills to empower citizens on leadership, conflict management and mediation, decision-making, and support them to develop collective actions.
  • Engaging in an educational programme to foster the integration and autonomy of migrants by creating individual socio-economic integration paths considering their skills, abilities, ambitions, and previous professional experiences.
  • Targeting local people aiming at developing projects and cultural events impacting the local community with the active participation of target groups, private sector, and external partners.
  • Creating room for learning and experimenting by equipping beneficiaries with methods, tools, and knowledge and granting them the opportunity to develop innovative local projects supported by mentors.
  • Developing, in cooperation with local inhabitants, a support system run by volunteers that can support them in handling their social needs and problems.
  • Assisting people excluded from the labour market to find job opportunities by organizing learning activities and peer to peer support with volunteering and training.
  • Promoting film education as a tool to promote active citizenship.