The huge civil society sector of amateur arts, voluntary culture, and heritage in the Nordic and Baltic
region not only provide joy, friendship, and meaning for the participants, but the activities also
promote added community values, like social inclusion & cohesion, active citizenship & democracy,
environmental sustainability.

However, these potential for fostering societal benefits can be improved by a more conscious
development work by the learning providers in the sector and by a strengthened support from the
key stakeholders. Until now, learning providers in the sector can find and use many good practice
examples from peers as inspiration, but they still need more systematic tools and methods on how to
assess own activities and pathfinders to improve their daily practice.


The overall aim is to develop and promote better methods and tools to the cultural associations in
the Nordic – Baltic region to assess and compare the added community values of their cultural
During the project we will:

  • Provide a combined desk and field survey to clarify the state of arts of added community
    values in the cross-cultural civil society sector, and thereby disclose relevant focus points,
    topics and related indicators regarding 3 key areas of added values: Social inclusion &
    cohesion, active citizenship & democracy, and environmental sustainability.
  • Develop an appropriate online Benchmarking Tool incl. methodological guideline, which
    allows the stakeholders to assess the added values of their activities in different dimensions
    and categories of societal benefits.
  • Disseminate the results to the wider cross-cultural civil society communities and other key
    stakeholders in the Nordic – Baltic region in a sustainable manner.


The intended long-term impact is that the huge cross-cultural civil society sectors in our Nordic


  • Baltic countries will be better to access and work more consciously with the added
    community values of their activities, and thereby to strengthen their already important
    contribution to the inclusiveness, cohesion, democratic values and community spirit in our
    societies, and not least strengthen their incipient awareness of the importance of integrating
    green values in the cultural activities.