Outreach Work – France 2023

30 / 11 / 2023

Outreach Work – Meeting People Where They Are

In March 2023, the IFS Fostering Social Justice study visit in France brought together professionals and volunteers from 8 European countries. This event, organized by the FCSF and the Federation of Brittany, focused on innovative outreach work.

Reaching out to those who don’t typically visit social centers is challenging, demanding fresh approaches. To bridge this gap, employees and volunteers took to public spaces, employing various methods to foster community connections. Some centers even utilized mobile units like caravans or bicycles, making it easier to meet people ‘where they are’.

These tools have been instrumental in creating open, welcoming community spaces that cultivate a sense of safety and warmth. As trust in these activities grows, regular participation increases, sparking new conversations and grassroots social action. Read the tool below and WATCH THE VIDEO HERE