IFS Fostering Social Justice: Study visit in Caserta, Italy

27 / 06 / 2023

Welcome to the IFS Fostering Social Justice project! In 2023, we embarked on an extraordinary journey of discovery and collaboration, organizing four insightful study visits across Europe. One of these visits, hosted by the association Spaccio Culturale, took place in the beautiful province of Caserta, Italy, from May 6th to 10th.

During this study visit, participants from Finland, Sweden, France, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, and Greece share their diverse experiences and perspectives. Through engaging discussions, enlightening encounters, and meaningful cultural exchanges, the group explored innovative ways to foster social justice.

In a captivating video, our participants reflect upon their experiences, offering a unique glimpse into their journeys. They share inspiring learnings, discuss the challenges faced by the local community, and unveil the powerful solutions they have discovered along the way.

Watch the video and be inspired to learn more about the study visit in Caserta, Italy.

About the Association Spaccio Culturale

The association Spaccio Culturale was established in 2001 when a group of individuals came together with the goal of organizing cultural events in their municipality, Succivo, located in the province of Caserta.

Since its inception, the association has expanded its focus beyond cultural events and delved into the realm of immigration. They began offering Italian language courses and social support services for immigrants. Over time, the association has dedicated more effort towards project planning at the local, national, and European levels.

Their primary objectives now revolve around empowering marginalized groups, providing education opportunities for minors, particularly those from different backgrounds, and enhancing the Italian language skills of foreign adults. Additionally, they offer legal assistance and non-formal education programs for both minors and adults.

Spaccio Culturale operates in the province of Caserta, where the Study Visit will take place. This area has historically faced challenges, including being the birthplace of one of Italy’s most powerful criminal organizations. However, it is also home to resilient civil society responses, represented by various associations and institutions.

The results of the association’s dedicated efforts are evident today. Former properties and spaces once owned by the mafia have been transformed into meeting places and venues for social activities organized by associations and institutions. Some locations even host specialized medical services or innovative agricultural projects.

In many ways, the province of Caserta has become a testing ground for community welfare initiatives and the reuse of assets seized from criminal activities. These efforts aim to promote inclusion by generating job opportunities, offering therapeutic pathways, and creating avenues for marginalized individuals to escape their circumstances.