Antimafia | Italy 2023

02 / 04 / 2024

In Italy, our study visit unveiled the transformative approach to reclaiming assets confiscated from the mafia. Through a meticulous process mandated by the anti-mafia code and reinforced by ‘Good Practices’, Participants explored the intricate procedure required to transfer ownership of properties—assets often worth more than the income officially declared to the state. This effort is not just a legal battle but a moral one, aiming at social reuse as a means of territorial redemption and giving back to the community.

The assets in question span both private and public domains, challenging the conventional perception of confiscated goods. However, wielding these assets comes with its own set of risks, notably the perpetual threat of their reclamation by organised crime networks. Our exploration delves into the strategic and courageous efforts to turn these assets into beacons of hope and resistance, illuminating a path towards societal recovery and resilience.