The On Humanity’s Side Award goes to the Finnish artist Paleface

24 / 11 / 2022 | News

The “On the humanity’s side” award 2022 goes to the Finnish hip-hop artist Paleface. The Finnish hip-hop artist Matti Miettinen known as Paleface received the prize during the Settlement days event organised by the Finnish Federation of Settlement Houses (FFSH) and Vuolle Setlementti in the city of Oulu on November 24, 2022.

The Finnish Federation annually rewards a social influencer whose work promotes the values of the Settlement movement: equality, justice, inclusion, non-discrimination and community spirit such as the former Finnish President Tarja Halonen and many others.

The IFS president and CEO of the Finnish Federation Pentti Lemmetyinen told the audience that the FFSH has followed Paleface’s public work and has been impressed by his intelligent, warm and courageous speech and his commitment to humanity and human values. He is keen to reach out to the most vulnerable and see them for who they are. “I also admire that he dares to address the lack of male emotional expression in male rap culture. The lack of emotional expression by boys and men is a pressing issue; the problems and marginalisation of boys and young men are causing significant problems now and in the future. It needs attention and change,” added Pentti Lemmetyinen.

The artist Paleface, also known for his famous song “Men Don’t Cry” (Miehet Ei Itke), strongly advocates for the right of men and boys to express their emotions. He firmly believes that all feelings should be allowed for men, too, because only the most sensitive can be the hardest.