Research, History and books from Settlement and Neighbourhood Houses

08 / 05 / 2023 | News

We’re thrilled to share with you the literary accomplishments of our esteemed members! From the innovative research paper, “Making Friends at Community Organizations,” to the captivating book, “Building Community in Vancouver,” and the captivating historical accounts our members have been hard at work, pushing the boundaries of knowledge and understanding. These works offer invaluable insights into the importance of community-building, social justice, and democracy. We invite you to check out these incredible works, delve into their insights, and explore the rich and diverse perspectives they offer.

Happy reading!

  • : Presented in the Conference at Berlin a few years ago, this new book maybe is one of the very few books on contemporary settlement/neighbourhood houses at least in the Anglophone world.

Authors: Sean Lauer, University of British Columbia Karen Lok Yi Wong, University of British Columbia Miu Chung Yan, University of British Columbia.

  • Making friends at community organizations: Spoken about in the IFS conferences in the past, this paper explores making new friends through participation in place-based community organizations and finds that the approach of Neighbourhood Houses provides the context for the development of connections that help to reduce social isolation. It demonstrates the various mechanisms that play a role in how this is achieved.
  • The International Federation of Settlements (IFS) : The constitution of an international social movement. “The Settlements which were created from 1884 onwards, first in the Anglo-Saxon world, were not straightaway established in federations. In the beginning, they were singular creations taking ideas from one another in a haphazard way.” A good read of the Settlement Movement’s History from French Federation of Social Centers.