Permanent Grant for the Askov Foundation’s Dialogue Against Violence (Dialog Mod Vold) treatment program for perpetrators and families

11 / 02 / 2020 | News

The IFS member organisation Askov Foundation in Copenhagen, Denmark has received a permanent grant for their treatment program for violence perpetrators and their families. 

“The Funds will contribute to strengthening efforts in the field of domestic violence, and is a great achievement for Director of Dialogue against Violence”.  Said  Susanne Nour Magnusson, head of the Treatment Program.

The grant is an important step to prevent children from growing up with domestic violence. By securing a permanent grant for Dialogue against Violence, the government and the other parties behind the Finance Act have strengthened efforts to stop violent behaviour and reduce the number of abused children as well as adults. The fight against violence continues as there is a need for more and strengthened efforts to be able to prevent domestic violence in Denmark and reassure sustainable results. 

The Askov Foundation’s six departments work to create better terms for vulnerable people in Denmark, offer help and support to more than 2000 people annually. 

Their purpose is to enable people to find the strength and courage to take responsibility for their own lives and the society in which they live.

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