NGO Committee on Migration survey and Grassroots immigrant work and COVID-19

21 / 01 / 2021 | News

In the context of the Coronavirus pandemic, the survey below (via links) is being circulated by the NGO Committee on Migration, a member of the Conference of Non-Governmental Organizations (CoNGO) in consultative relationship with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC).

 The survey, prepared by the NGO Committee on Migration’s Subcommittee on Xenophobia and Social Inclusion (Jan. 2021) to assess the impact COVID-19 has had on the migrant population in relation to xenophobia and social exclusion, is available here in EnglishSpanish, and French. Please complete the survey, and forward it to your network(s). 

We would very much appreciate it if you could send the survey out as widely as possible through your networks and respond to it by January 31, 2021. We are seeking replies from NGOs, academia, civil society institutions and United Nations entities in order to obtain as comprehensive data as possible on this essential grassroots work. Please consult the survey for an account of how we plan to use the data. We will, of course, share all final reports and analyses with the responding organizations.  Such surveys have helped the UN move from a prime focus on policy to one that supports grassroots initiatives with a focus on leaving no one behind.

Thank you for your cooperation. We look forward to your response.