Meet Our Esteemed Speakers: Pentti Lemmetyinen

Nov 17, 2023 | News

Introducing Pentti Lemmetyinen: A Guiding Force in Community Empowerment

We’re excited to introduce a key figure in the Settlement Movement, Mr. Pentti Lemmetyinen. His journey with this important cause began in 1993, and since 2006, he has been leading the Finnish Federation of Settlement Houses (FFSH).

Pentti’s commitment to community development and social empowerment culminated in his election as President of the International Federation of Settlements and Neighborhood Centers (IFS) in 2016.

His leadership and vision have been instrumental in amplifying the impact of settlement houses, transforming them into pillars of hope and collaboration.

Join us to hear from a leader whose dedication to community empowerment and social justice is not just a profession, but a passion.