IFS International Conference Lille 2023 Speakers

15 / 12 / 2022 | News

We will be expanding the list of speakers and presenters, including their names and brief biographies as we go. Stay tuned for more updates.  REGISTER HERE

Paul Sekfy, Board member IFS and  LCSA in New South Wales Australia.

Theme: Neighborhood Centers – Local engagement in relation to disasters.

Lena Cohen, Senior Analyst at United Neighborhood Houses (UNH), New York, USA.

Theme: Voter engagement.

Douglas Onyango Otieno (Roy), Founder and Executive Director of TINADA Youth Organization (TiYO), Kenya.

Theme: Walking the talk on Localisation of Humanitarian aid based on charter for change Grand bargain.

Annika Svensson, IFS Board Member and Development Director, ASKOVFONDEN, Denmark.

Theme: Perpetrator treatment and prevention (Domestic violence).

Staffan Lindqvist, IFS Executive Director and Educational Consultant, Swedish Federation of Settlements, Sweden.

Theme: Community School as a tool for Social Integration.

Allison Wallace, Executive Director, Greater Cleveland Neighborhood Centers Association, Cleveland, Ohio, USA.

De’Neitra Brown, IConnect Director, Greater Cleveland Neighborhood Centers Association, Cleveland, Ohio, USA.

Claudia Marovic, Civil Engineer and Ph.D. student, NCA, Cleveland, Ohio, USA.

Anne Babcock, President and CEO, WoodGreen Community Services(WCS), Toronto, Canada.

Kevin Edmonson, Vice President, Seniors and Health Services, WoodGreen Community Services(WCS), Toronto Canada.

    Theme: Inclusion vs Exclusion, Aging in a Technology driven world.

    Péter Giczey, IFS Board Member, ÉLETFA Segítő Szolgálat Egyesület, Hungary.

    Theme: Let´s Organize!

    Sunday Ofili Ibobor, IFS Board Member, Umuebu Neighbourhood House, Umuebu, Nigeria.

    Theme: Challenges of Democracy and Social justice and implications on the Settlement movement in Nigeria.

    Liz Lougheed Green, Chief Executive officer, Association of Neighbourhood Houses British Columbia, Canada. 

    Theme: Journey to Truth and Reconciliation at Vancouver Neighbourhood Houses: A sharing of stories and experiences from local Inndigeneous Advisors, partners and members.

    Barbara DiGangi, Program Director, University Settlement of New York, USA.

    Mary Addams, Associate Executive Director, University Settlement of New York, USA.

    Roy Douglas Otieno, Tinada House, Kenya.

    Theme: Equitable Access to Mental Health Care as a Matter of Social Justice and Democracy

     Kenzie O’Keefe, Head of Mobilization and Narrative Strategies, Pillsbury United Communities, Minneapolis,USA.

    Theme: Minneapolis and the movement for Social Justice in America.

    Ben Jackson, Chief Executive Officer, Active Care Network, Sydney, Australia.

    Theme: Access and Social Justice for Senior citizens.