IFS addresses Domestic Violence at UN CSW67 Parallel Event in New York

10 / 05 / 2023 | News

Presenters: Annika Svensson and Helle Øbo, AskovFonden, Denmark


In March 2023, the IFS held a parallel event at the Church Center in the United Nations Plaza to discuss the critical issue of domestic violence. The event brought together a diverse group of experts, policymakers, and NGO representatives who shared their experiences and insights on the topic.

The main focus of the event was on the significance of including the whole family when addressing domestic violence. The discussion emphasized the need to offer the perpetrator treatment in all cases, to ensure that prevention is long-lasting, and to break the cycle of violence. The participants explored various aspects of the issue, including the psychological and emotional impact of domestic violence on families, the importance of early intervention, and the role of different stakeholders in creating effective prevention strategies.

Another essential topic discussed was the role of NGOs in the policymaking process. The participants highlighted the importance of sharing their knowledge and experience with policymakers to enable them to make informed decisions based on practical evidence. They also emphasized the need to measure the outcomes of different policies to assess their effectiveness and make improvements where necessary.

The event was a unique opportunity for the IFS to showcase its expertise in domestic violence and to engage with a diverse audience. The IFS members had the support of delegates from the Danish general consulate, colleagues from different organizations in New York, experts from Canada, UN delegates from Geneva, and many more.

The event ended with a discussion among the IFS members about their role as policymakers, the importance of measuring outcomes, and the strong bonds that tie them together. The group expressed a shared desire to make a real change in the lives of families affected by domestic violence, and they affirmed their commitment to achieving this goal.

In conclusion, the IFS parallel event at the UN highlighted the importance of inclusion and collaboration in addressing domestic violence. The insights and experiences shared by the participants demonstrated the need for a comprehensive and holistic approach to the issue, which includes the whole family and offers treatment to perpetrators. The event also emphasized the critical role of NGOs in the policymaking process and their commitment to creating effective prevention strategies.

For more information about the program and the IFS UN group in Europe, please contact Annika Svensson at asv@askovfonden.dk