“Get to know your board members” series: Annamaria Georgies

Sep 28, 2023 | News

Name: GEORIGES Hajnalka – Annamaria

Where do you work and what is your title?

Professionally, I am an engineer with a role as a Project and Office Manager at an IT Company. In addition to my professional career, I am deeply committed to social work and serve as the President of the Women’s Union Bihor Association. This dual role allows me to blend my technical expertise with my passion for community and gender-based initiatives, contributing to both the corporate world and the betterment of society through my leadership and dedication.

Briefly summarize your background.

I am a native of the picturesque city of Oradea, Romania, where I spent my formative years embracing the rich culture and history of my hometown. My academic journey has taken me on a fascinating path, shaping my interests and aspirations along the way.

I began my pursuit of knowledge at the Polytechnic University of Timisoara, where I embarked on an educational adventure in Electronics and Telecommunication. This bachelor’s degree program opened up a world of possibilities in the realm of technology and communication, setting the stage for my future endeavors.

Driven by a thirst for knowledge and a desire to broaden my horizons, I decided to further my education. This decision led me to the bustling capital city of Bucharest, where I pursued a master’s degree in Engineering and Management in Aerospace at the prestigious Bucharest Polytechnic University. This program not only honed my technical skills but also instilled in me a deep appreciation for the intricacies of aerospace engineering and the importance of effective management in complex projects.

Beyond my academic pursuits, I am a person of diverse passions and interests. For over a decade, I have been deeply involved in the art of karate, having black belt, dedicating myself to this martial art form for 12 years. The discipline, focus, and determination required in karate have not only shaped my physical fitness but also contributed to my personal growth and character development.

In addition to my martial arts journey, I have always been drawn to the mysteries of the cosmos. My passion for astronomy has led me to participate in the national astronomy and astrophysics Olympiad, where I have had the opportunity to explore the wonders of the universe and deepen my understanding of celestial phenomena.

Moreover, I have a strong commitment to social work that has been ingrained in me from a young age. I have been an active volunteer since childhood, engaging in various community service activities. My dedication to making a positive impact on society led me to become involved with NGOs, where I have contributed my time and efforts to initiatives aimed at improving the lives of those in need.

In summary, I am a well-rounded individual with a strong educational background in electronics, telecommunication, aerospace engineering, and management. Beyond my academic achievements, I am a dedicated martial artist, an astronomy enthusiast, and a passionate advocate for social work and volunteerism. These experiences and interests have shaped me into a multifaceted individual with a thirst for knowledge and a commitment to making a positive difference in both my personal and professional life.

Describe what you do for Women’s Union Bihor.

As the President of Uniunea Femeilor Bihor, I hold a leadership role in this organization. My responsibilities include providing direction, making strategic decisions, and representing the organization in various capacities.

What are your hopes for the future of the IFS and the Settlement Movement in general?

The prospect of being part of the IFS and the Settlement Movement fills me with a deep sense of inspiration and humility. It’s a platform that not only connects and motivates our members but also offers the invaluable opportunity to share knowledge, fostering the best practices possible. Moreover, it serves as a powerful amplifier, allowing us to raise the voices of our target groups and elevate their messages and needs to an international level.

In every interaction within this dynamic community, I find myself continuously learning something new. Regardless of our origins or the organizations we represent, we all share a common fire burning in our eyes – a shared passion for positive change.

I am particularly grateful for the chance to participate and make a more substantial impact on a global scale, particularly within the United Nations. It’s a privilege to be the youngest board member, a role that humbles me daily. This position has allowed me to learn from and be inspired by remarkable individuals from around the world who are doing incredible things. I am truly honored to be surrounded by such a diverse and dedicated group of people, all working towards a brighter, more inclusive future.