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Many areas calls for attention from IFS. Unfortunately we do not have the resources to pay attention to all at the same time. Therefore we try to concentrate our attention to certain issues during a certain time. Below you can see what issues we concentrate on for the moment.

Statement for defending the rights of NGO´s in Hungary

In the process of changing its system in 1989-1990, Hungary followed the path as developed countries had. Where democracy, democratic institutions and democratic values exist and are strong, the civil society is vibrant and fundamental. Communities and community based organisations provide possibilities for different social groups to reach well being.
In the last decade it has been seen that democratic values are under attack, civil society and communities, community organisations are weak and cannot serve citizens’ interest. This is demonstrated by these examples:

– ongoing govenmental campaigns against civil organisations accusing them of influencing politics on the basis of foreign interest and dividing them ’good’ and ’bad’ organisations

– change of legislation to punish civil organisation which receive foreign funds

– reducing funds which are available for civil organisations


In this situation IFS 

  • declares the importance of democratic values and communities,
  • refuses any attack on influencing attempts which weakens civil society, communities and community organisations.


IFS board  
14.06.2019., Rabat, Morocco