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Many areas calls for attention from IFS. Unfortunately we do not have the resources to pay attention to all at the same time. Therefore we try to concentrate our attention to certain issues during a certain time. Below you can see what issues we concentrate on for the moment.

IFS continues to provide a global network of local members to share and strengthen our common work towards social justice, human rights and stronger democracy. We represent and nurture the essential local voice to domestic and international civil society and governments.

We recognise that social justice will not be achieved without a shift of power imbalances across society. Communities need to lead and drive decision making for their areas. Settlement houses and neighbourhood centres play their vital role in giving people a voice, supporting and mobilising people and their communities who are excluded from decisions affecting them. Power structures that marginalise and minoritise communities need to be challenged and dismantled. Read the IFS Declaration on Social Justice to know more about the orgoanization’s focus areas and goals.