Euro-Mediterranean seminar

19 / 06 / 2023 | Conference, Event

Event description

Join us for the Euro-Mediterranean Seminar organized by the IFS Euro- Mediterranean (EFS). This engaging seminar will bring together officials and managers of the member associations of the Euro-Mediterranean Federation and the Euro-Mediterranean associations and bodies friendly to EFS. Don’t miss this opportunity aimed at developing an updated initial assessment of civil actors in the region. Register now and be part of this dynamic event shaping the future of the IFS in Euro-Mediterranean region. The online seminar is organized within the framework of the international activities carried out by Badael for Childhood and Youth / Morocco and in partnership with the Euro-Mediterranean Federation of Social and Socio-Cultural Centers (EFS).


The Euro-Mediterranean Partnership Series: What is a multidimensional evaluation through the eyes of civil society? The Euro-Mediterranean issue and partnership in its multiple dimensions; In particular:

  • Promoting civil dialogue on the Euro-Mediterranean partnership;
  • Enhancing the capabilities of the participants, and through them their organizations, in the field of Euro-Mediterranean partnership, and enabling them with monitoring and analysis mechanisms in order to develop effective, interactive and effective collective projects in their Euro-Mediterranean environment;
  • Understanding and understanding between the actors on issues of common interest and their fields of action in their regional dimension;
  • Creating a virtual framework for acquaintance and communication;
  • strengthening networking within the EFS;
  • Introduction to IFS and EFS.

Time and Date

Tuesday, June 27, 2023, starting from two to four o’clock after noon (Morocco time) GMT+2. Link to the online seminar Feel free to invite members from your community to join us. Please follow this link for more information about the seminar.