IFS Conference Sydney 2020 – Social Justice “The Unfinished Journey”

19 / 08 / 2019 | Conference

Conference Name: Social Justice – The Unfinished Journey.

Where: Sydney, Australia.

When: 12 – 14 August 2020.

Venue: Aerial Function Centre, University of Technology Sydney


See video here:

IFS conference 2020 in Sydney

Sister Organisations, Quick Site Visits, Study Tours

Sister Organisations:

LCSA is enthusiastic to use the time leading up to the 2020 Conference to strengthen the networks and relationships between Settlement Houses and Neighbourhood Centres by establishing a register of organisations that want to connect to each other across the world, similar to the” Sister Cities” project.

We have started to promote this idea in Australia and already have Centres that are keen to contact others.

When the Conference website opens there will be page where interested organisations can sign up to this program. We hope to have enough information that people can see synergies between themselves and other IFS members. It will be up to individual organisations to contact each other and accept or reject the offer of contact. The partnership will then develop at its own pace.

Establishing a relationship with a similar organisation in another country brings:


  • different perspectives
  • new knowledge
  •  improved strategies
  • new friends
  • different travel experiences

Quick Site Visits:

Australia is a huge continent with over 1000 Neighbourhood Centres (outnumbering McDonalds Restaurants) and at the Conference you will only get to see some Centres around Sydney and perhaps some regional areas of NSW.

We are assuming that Conference Delegates from other countries may take some holiday time while they are in Australia and travel to different parts of the nation. We have asked Centres from all over Australia if they are willing to have individuals or families call in for a site visit if they are on their route.

People interested in this would need to ring ahead to arrange the time with the Centre Coordinator. Contact names, numbers and locations will be provided so you can be learning and connecting while you are travelling.

Study Tours:

LCSA is happy to organise some study tours on issues or a general one if there is enough interest expressed.

Currently, we are thinking that if overseas delegates fly into Sydney on Saturday 1st August, taking Sunday and Monday to acclimatize and recover from jet lag then we could have some 4-day study tours before the weekend and we start into the Conference Week on 10 August.

If you have a group of workers with a particular interest or wanting to join a generalist Study Tour, please indicate this by emailing lyn@lcsansw.org.au before the end of 2019.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Sydney in 2020.