Stopping Homelessness Before it Starts

11 / 02 / 2020 | Blog

Goddard Riverside Community Center of New York in the USA has been an active participant in the Right to Counsel movement, which passed a bill in 2017 providing free lawyers for people facing eviction in NYC. New statistics show the law is working, and other states and cities have begun adopting similar measures.

“Advocacy and outreach have always played a major role in housing law,” said Goddard Riverside Law Project tenant organizer Sandra Contreras. “In order to use their rights, people need to understand their rights. Doing outreach and assisting tenants to organize into groups that can advocate for themselves is an important part of the process.”

Preventing evictions helps preserve affordable housing. It’s also a key step in preventing homelessness. In a 2017 survey, 66% of low-income New Yorkers said they could not afford to move within their borough. If they were evicted, these tenants would be at serious risk of homelessness.

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