“Let’s all be brave and creative builders of a good and just world”.

19 / 08 / 2019 | Blog

Dear colleagues,

IFS is 93 years old this year and was established to support democracy, human rights, equality and social justice all over the world.

It is wonderful to see that IFS is growing. An Italian NGO has decided to join the IFS family. In April IFS Europe will meet in London, and board members in Morocco in June. It´s also great to see how the idea of social-based community work is now growing in North Africa. The IFS and United Nations work/relationship is laying its foundation progressively with different meetings and events organized or moderated by the IFS representatives in the UN headquarters in New York and soon in Geneva.

IFS members in many countries are living turbulent times. Our Hungarian friends face the serious threat of an undemocratic force of the government. IFS people met in Budapest in January to share ideas on how to help and support the civil society in Hungary, and soon our members will be standing at the European Union Parliament in Brussels to ensure that our voices are heard and most importantly to support democracy in Europe.

I do believe that each of us has much to do in the coming 93 years.


Pentti Lemmetyinen, IFS President.